Hey snugbugs! Today I’m talking about my poor joke telling abilities and lack of basic faith.

Sounds super fun, right?

Lately, I’ve found myself telling the same joke over and over. Sometimes in my head to myself. It’s the one where the man falls in a hole and it starts to rain so hard that it will likely flood the hole. Someone walks by and offers him a hand up and he says no, no God will save me. Then someone else comes and offers a rope. The water is deeper but the man says no, no God will save me. Then another man comes with a ladder and the man says no, no God will save me.

Then he drowns.

When he gets to heaven, he asks St. Peter why God didn’t save him. St. Peter says God sent you a hand, a rope and a ladder, but you didn’t have the faith to take them.

The West Wing version of that joke was way better. And there was a Pope involved.

A lot of the clients that I work with through our consulting business are fabulously keyed in to Spirit, faith and belief. These women function (as do I, on a good day) with a belief that the Universe will work in accordance with the energy they put out there.

That things will happen exactly when and how they are supposed to happen. That there is all the abundance we need right outside our doors (sometimes inside the doors) and that we will be taken care of, if we pay attention to what’s happening around us and let go of expectations of ‘how’ things are going to happen, and focus on the ‘what’ is happening.

I have to admit, I’m all about the how.

That’s where the joke comes in. Part of the work that I do is around building tools and systems that are geared to finding likely customers and clients for my clients. I’m building the ladder for their business.

But here’s the conflict. I want the joke to go like this… man falls in hole. It floods. He has faith. And he is lifted out of the hole by invisible hands.

I have to wonder, where does the ladder fit in?

When I started working with private clients, I wondered why so many were attracted to the faith-filled thought systems around Universal Law and related ideas. After starting my own business with my husband last year, I realized how necessary it is that a business owner to dig deep and build a solid foundation to support the roller coaster ride cash flow, capital and what’s going to happen next. In order to not go completely crazy, business owners need to have something to hold on to.

Otherwise, it’s tempting some days to just hide under the blankets.

So where does the ladder come in?

Since I’m a girl who focuses on the how (because system, doing and implementation is super fun for me) and because I’ve been blessed with a more-than-agile mind, my approach to ‘building’ a business is to focus on what I can do, what action I can take that will forward our business. What can do that will support the growth of my business?

And I worry. I worry that by focusing so much on the how (and sometimes, towards the end of the month when we’re gearing up for the flurry of expenses paid out around the 1st I’m thinking more about the how-not than the how) – but I worry so much on the how that I wonder if I’m confusing the Universe and getting it to focus on the ladder instead of lifting me up.

So maybe for the next few days I’ll focus on the what. On the life that Jeff and I dream about. Of all the awesome women I’ll work with. Of the course I’ve been dreaming of teaching. The book I’ve been working on.

I’ll still be building my ladders – just yesterday I finished up a super cool project that’s definitely ladder-building! But I’ll worry less about climbing anywhere and more on doing what I love that’s of service to me, my family and the people with whom I work.

{featured image of antique fruit picking ladders via sellingantiques.co.uk}

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