It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving, rainy and foggy.

I’ve got 60’s R&B Christmas music playing. And a pine scented candle burning. I can hear Jeff clanging around downstairs. I’m hoping he’ll bring me coffee.

I’ve been walking on my half-healed foot a little too much the last few days and find I can’t really walk anymore. At least, not easily. And honestly, the doctor told me not to walk on it at all until I see him again, but that won’t be for over a week. And I have things to do.

This year, headed into the holiday season, I find myself at a crossroads of sorts. We’ve actually completed a 2016 budget in plenty of time to really take a look at it and see if it works. We have a lot going on.

I hear that a lot from other people… “wow, how do you get it all done?” That’s a good question. The simple answer is I haven’t really been getting it all done. I get it partially done. I get most of the important stuff done, most of the time. Sometimes I don’t.

I’ve learned to be easier on myself over the years. Not everyone is perfect, and it’s likely that I am harder on myself than anyone else. For sure, I think about myself more than anyone else does.

So with our 2016 budget done, I have some time to really think about what I’m doing. Or, what I want to do. To set goals and resolutions. To play with my Tarot deck and focus on what’s going on. Instead of just going with the flow.

And here’s what I’m thinking about: decisions. I need to make some. And making decisions means that I’ll be crossing some things off my to-do list. As in, removing them from the to-do list. Not completing them.

I’ve  been struck the last week from a few sides that it’s time for me to start making decisions. Because I can’t truly do it all and I want to do less things better.

I already know a little bit of what the list looks like. It’s a really, really good list. There’s a lot of fabric, yarn. Writing. There might be some team-building. There’s a partnership with my best friend and love. There’s a lot less doing what I think I’m supposed to be doing. There’s more doing what comes easily.

I’m excited.

Now. Back to work.

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