This week was an exciting next step for Jeff and I! After months of plotting and planning, and a short few weeks of crazy studio time, we had our ribbon cutting at 3 Snugbugs Studios last Friday.

It was a blast!

Ribbon cuttings in our town (as, I’m sure most) are hosted by our local Chamber of Commerce and a great opportunity for local folks like the mayor and city council members, local business owners, residents and others to gather to celebrate and check out new businesses.

Our ribbon cutting was particularly fun because my studio is in a eccentric old building that not a lot of folks had been to. The building, built in the 1890’s, has been home to long succession of fraternal lodges. Built by Masons and then abandoned before they even took possession, there’e s cool sign on the front entry that says ‘home of the Oddfellows’ and a whole string of other ‘orders of’ that have used the building over the years. 

These days, it’s home to an attorney, a quilt sewing studio, a theater company and a whole bunch of photographers, painters and at least one guy who makes bags and wallets from innertube rubber.

I love it.

I’m on the 2nd floor, which is a large atrium surrounded by studios and offices, most of which have old school glass doors and windows looking out to the sunny center section.

Here we are getting ready to cut the ribbon. Aren’t the scissors wonderful? There’s a local manufacturer that makes blades, razors — things like that. They custom made those awesome scissors that really work!! The Chamber keeps them nicely sharpened, although I was pretty sure that Suzie, the membership manager for the Chamber, was playing me and setting me up for a trick birthday candle reminiscent ribbon gnawing situation with cool looking, but very dull scissors.

That didn’t happen. The ribbon cut like butter.

I’m the one in the middle, one foot taller than everyone else wearing neon green cashmere.


Here’s a great shot from the Staunton Downtown Development Association of a few of our pieces. 


Photo courtesy Staunton Downtown Development Association

Here I am yakking away. We talked about disposable fashion, expensive knee high boots and how strange the restroom in my studio building is…


Another shot from the SDDA – this time of my sewing table. Note my awesome Bernina and cute hound bobbin holder. The wood box is full of treasures – sewing needle book, vintage sewing doo dads and tags for finished garments. The vintage-style light ‘sculpture’  came with the Bright Rewired grant we got to open the studio. Isn’t it fun!? 

Slight footnote… all the cool sewing trinkets — the hound bobbin, the needle books, the antique thimbles (in the wood box, you can’t really see them) are gifts from Jeff, who searches out fun vintage sewing notions to add to my collection. How awesome is my wonderful husband?


Photo courtesy Staunton Downtown Development Association

We got a few shots of dress forms for the website as well. You can see how lovely the light is in our atrium area. So nice to have right outside the studio door!


With the ribbon cutting behind us, we’re diving in to launch 3 Snugbugs Studios this March. Most of the 3 Snugbug garments will be made to order and I’m working on finishing samples of each design for photographs for the website. Last week I built the new website, and am working on uploading swatch samples and having friends test the site to make sure it works well. 

Since I love mockups… here’s a sneak peek of the website!



Such fun! To keep up with our doings, and be the first to get access to 3 Snugbugs Studios designs, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And subscribe to our newsletter to get insider offers and news.

Patty Brower is co-maker, creative director, marketing gal & textile maven at The Snugbug Collective. She splits her time between working with private clients and small business owners on marketing strategy and implementation and basset hound wrangling. She is also the designer/owner of Three Snugbugs Studios, a handmade and upcycled clothing and accessory line and The Snugbug Mercantile, vintage home and accessories.



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