Planning out the launch of 3 Snugbugs Studios has been a mix of super-fun and super frustrating so far — like everything, am I right? When we started last summer, we were set with momentum, ideas and a freshly written business plan. 

Since then I’ve stocked the studio, worked on samples, pulled inspiration pictures and figured out how to use my new machines. Also, I grew a new foot – or, at least, got mine rebuilt. Last week was our ribbon cutting and I’ve been working on pieces from what I’ve been calling the ‘Launch Line.’ 

I’m not so sure about that name. Launch line. It’s where you hang out, waiting for your mid-day meal. 

So I’m pretty tickled with my sketches. Folks, I drew these (and if any of you have met me, you might know that my normal level of artistry is stick figure at best.) When planning out the line, I realized I really needed to have actual sketches to pin to my cork board with swatches. Because I’m visual like that. 

So I drew a few sketches.

Everyone, meet the 3 Snugbugs Launch line…


Fun, isn’t it?

So the line is structured with a few different designs — slipdresses made from lighter weight materials, dresses from heavier fabrics and bloomers, leggings, cardis and dusters for more layers. For people who love lots of layers and a super-romantic flair, wearing a few pieces together will create a full, fun look. For simpler tastes, then a slipdress with a regular jewel neck cardigan or bloomers with a tank top are perfect. Each design will be available in different, coordinating fabrics.

So want to see it in real life? Here’s a few examples…

First is the I’m Not the One Cardi in lightweight grey knit over the Tell Me To Stay slipdress in a super cool black and white check cotton with a fuzzy paisley pattern swooping over the whole thing. 


And here’s The Lemon Dress in a super cool buffalo check jersey with an adjustable tie on the skirt. The dress is layered over a sample that’s the closest to the Watermelon and Rootbeer slipdress – lovely linen trimmed with vintage Batenburg lace.


So much fun! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featuring each of the designs, so keep your eyes open! In the meantime, keep up with progress on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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