So… what makes breakfast at Northern Comfort super fun? It’s not the cushy robes, the peaceful sound of the wind in the pines or the homemade toasted bread. It’s not even the chance of early morning encounters with Peppermint, the basset hound hostess. 

It’s the breakfast starters. 

Or, to put it into hobbit terms, we serve both breakfast and second breakfast. 

One of our favorite starters is tasty mix of Greek yogurt, fruit, honey, chocolate and granola. And we try to make sure our granola is extra special (and not full of nasties) by making it ourself on the farm.

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]See what we did there? We just gave the recipe, right off that bat. Now for the images!

So making granola is super fun and easy. This recipe that we rely on from Cook’s Illustrated is one of the best… the secret is to press the raw granola into the jelly roll pan, bake it nicely and then break into pieces. Like peanut bark. It’s awesome.

Here’s the step by step photos…

First we mix up the dry ingredients… note this photo is SUPER MISLEADING because you should not (like we did in this photo) include dried fruit at this point. Dried fruit goes in last.

But it’s a pretty picture, isn’t it?

Northern Comfort Granola

Once the dried things (oats, nuts…) are mixed with the gooey things (maple syrup, vanilla, brown sugar) everything gets a bit clumpy. It might seem like your gooey stuff isn’t ‘enough’ for your dry stuff. Just add a bit at a time and keep stirring and everything will get coated.

Northern Comfort Granola

Once everything is good and coated, dump it onto your cookie sheet (or rather, jelly roll pan) that’s been lined with parchment paper.

For the love of god, go to the store and get parchment paper. It’s important.

Northern Comfort Granola

Flatten into the pan… we didn’t take a picture, but at this point use something firm – I used a metal spatula, but a coffee mug would work – the goal is to firmly press the gooey granola mix into pan.

Northern Comfort Granola

Bake for 45 Minutes, turning once halfway through.


This isn’t the best photo, but let everything cool down in the pan and then break the granola into chunks. 

Northern Comfort Granola

And here’s the final result! We like to serve with fruit, yogurt and a bit of something sweet to make it extra special! How do YOU like your yogurt!?

Northern Comfort Granola

Northern Comfort Bed & Breakfast and Antiques is historic Finnish Homestead located in northern Minnesota. Visit us for the day and browse our antique shop in the 1930’s dairy barn, or come for the evening and enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna, weekend wine and cheese hours, soft and fluffy beds and amazing breakfasts.

See you on the farm!

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