What a horrible topic for me, Snugbugs… Here I am.. a redhead in my heyday. Now a washed out, ashen lady with oddly pinkish skin. For a redhead. I want hot pink to be my color, turns out. It’s not.

So these posts come up when plotting capsule wardrobes. I mean. If we’re going to coordinate 16 garments, they should all match. Not just each other. But our hair. And our eyes. And our pale, pale skin. Right? The last time I tried to figure out my colors was five years ago, on yet another capsule planning arch.

But this morning, I noticed a post on Facebook with an ingenious idea. Sampling our skin. In Photoshop. And then using the color tools to find coordinating shades.


Well, probably because my skin looks sickly when sampled. And my hair drab. And my eyes grey. I see myself with a peaches’n’cream complexion, red hair and deep blue eyes. In the real world… that brilliance requires a bit of digging.

Here’s the results of my illustrator experiment. For any of ya’ll Illustrator users, I did realize (for the first time) that you can set the sample size on the color selector – anywhere from 1×1 pixel to 144 x 144 pixels. That helped me get a more realistic sample of my skin – but still – REALLY?? I’m that color??


Perhaps not surprisingly, the results of my little experiment yielded the same odd results as before. As gloriously redheaded as I am, I appear to be a summer. Those soft mauves, lavenders and teals appear to be my thing.

Puke, right?

I have, grudgingly, accepted that purple is my color over the years. I don’t like purple. I like orange. But purple works for me. 

It was fun to compare my ‘best’ colors to my ‘actual’ colors. I ended up picking colors that for the most part fit in perfectly. There’s a yellow dress, which, admittedly, I don’t love. But it was thrifted. I’ll be testing a tea bath to see if it works to subdue the colors. 

So here it is, five years after the first round… not much has changed. I need to make my peace with mauve. And puce. 

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