Today is an exciting day for Jeff and I — two years ago we were celebrating our ‘sneaky’ wedding. We eloped… to our shop. We didn’t tell very many people, even my mom didn’t get told until AFTER the ceremony was over. He was very sick that day with a cold, I remember we ate at The Shack — an amazing restaurant in the small town of Staunton where we were living then. And he could barely taste the food.

A lot’s changed since then! We’ve crossed the country and taken up innkeeping. But we love being married just as much now as that night!

On to other things. I’ve kept up the pace on my spring wardrobe capsule, although I can feel my interest waning. Looks like 8-10 garments is about all I can focus on! This week I finished another pair of bloomers, these ones in linen as well as a long cardigan made from a vintage crocheted tablecloth. I also finished a sweater upcycle, although I may have already mentioned that last week. Finally I cut apart my favorite tshirt to make a pattern. The first sample is nice, but a bit too small for me with fabric that lacks a lot of stretch, so I’ll be finishing up and putting into my shop. I got a little sidetracked working on an idea for a new outfit/design that allows for more shape to my favorite dress pattern and did a fun blog post on that!

And that’s another new development! Over the weekend I finally set up an online shop on the Patty Brower/3 Snugbugs website and moved all my cashmere wristlets over from the B&B online shop. I also copied our candles and soaps into the Patty Brower shop and listed my first two garments for sale. These are both upcycled garments, not fully from my mind, but I’m happy with them just the same.

It’s still winter. And cold. And winter. I can’t wait for spring.

Jeff and I are plotting over what to do with our business. We obviously have the B&B and shop to look after, as well as my main client, but we’re talking about options to add a bit more revenue. I’m super interested in online classes and things like that and we’re brainstorming on how to meld my technical expertise with love of the sewing world. More to come on that over the next few months!

Plans for Next Week


I’ve been a little sidetracked with the sewing project and client work, so back at it this week. Daily word counts to help with discipline, I think is the way forward!

The B&B

Jeff and I are working on event planning through the rest of the year. That + the never ending guest guide!


I have TONS of photos to take to document what I’ve been up to! I also have a few last touches on finished projects — labels on the two cardigans (forest green and crochet) and stitching up the waistband on a mending project for a pair of white pantaloons. I scored a massive haul of pretty good fabric this week from Walmart (!) and I’m super tempted to start in on my next, New Look Prairie dress, but… I want to finish the capsule and finish the gingham tshirt to put in the shop…. we’ll see what I get to!

Cool Finds and Finished Books


I guess this was a slow week for technology — unusual for me! I know there was something that popped up that I thought would be good to talk about… but now I can’t remember what it was, so it couldn’t have been that interesting!


I finished the 2nd book of the Reapers, Inc. series that I started last week, Pocket Full of Posies, by Angela Roquet. As I alluded to last week, I’m still liking the series a lot, but the 2nd book was a definite slump… it felt like a lot of transition and explaining and not a lot of action. Although the protagonist did get a fancy new apartment, some new clothes, a promotion and a new boyfriend. I’m halfway through the 3rd book now, which is slightly better…. but we’ll see. There are currently seven books in the series and I bought the first three as a box set. Jury is still out on if I’ll move on the the 4th book in the series!

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