Parmesan potato nests are another favorite of our guests here at the B&B. Super-easy to make, this is a great way to get a crispy potato fix that’s a bit less oily than traditional hash browns and much easier to make! These are also great for serving to larger groups, as they come together quickly, and then just bake in the oven — no need to babysit the stovetop.

One of our favorite breakfasts for groups of four or more is a crustless quiche with potato nests, greens and berries. We have two stoves, so we cook our potatoes and quiche separately at different temperatures, but the potato nests are much less finicky than eggs, so as long as you have them in long enough to get crunch, these will work well with different baking temps and times (with experimentation) making them great for brunch at home!

We generally serve as shown, although lately have served upside down a few times — the part of the nest inside the muffin tin is the super crunchy part. 

These are also pretty good heated up as leftovers — one of my favorites breakfasts is a couple of potato nests topped with crispy oil basted eggs, lemon juice and oregano. Yum!

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Parmesan Potato Nests | Northern Comfort B and B

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