Big news, bad bears! Jeff, Peppermint and I are moving on from our super cool B&B gig to the next cool adventure! In just a few weeks, the Snugbugs will be living life on the road. 

Can we come visit?

So long-term readers might remember that we headed to northern Minnesota last year to take over Northern Comfort B&B. The original plan was to stay through June of 2018 and see if we liked being innkeepers enough buy the farm. 

Andddd….. I won’t say we don’t like it enough to stay — we really love the farm and the guests. But we miss living where it’s warmer and grits are regularly mentioned on the breakfast menu. Jeff, a Florida boy, has always wanted to settle someplace close to the ocean so he can spend some time on the water, fishing giant fish. And so, while we love the farm, we’re not sure we love it enough to commit to the next 10 or 20 years.

So we’ve turned in our notice and are heading out on the road. We’re spending the next few weeks finding new homes for our large collection of stuff. We’ll keep a few things — family pieces and a few other treasures we love. But that still leaves a lot to get rid of. We’re also going to liquidate all of the 3 Snugbugs found, vintage and antiques we have in the shop. We’ll keep the new home decor and botanicals and continue to sell those online — my mother, who is our partner in crime with the botanical line, will be managing fulfillment and shipping from here in Minnesota. I’ll be wading through my giant wardrobe, picking out capsule-based road wardrobe. The rest will get donated. 

While Jeff is finally selling off his large tool collection, I’ve decided that my sewing goods (fabric, machines, the whole lot) will go into storage. I learned the hard way when I was in Nashville to never get rid of sewing things. I still kick myself over the nine Rubbermaid totes of fabric I sold for next to nothing in a fit of clearing out. 

By the time we head out on December 15th, we’ll have one small storage locker up here in the same building where my mom has hers. We’ll be taking a small stash of clothes with us as we head south for the first leg of our adventure, where we’ll end up in Daytona where Jeff has family, including his mom, where we’ll be staying. 

Our plan is to head south in December, stopping off in Virginia along the way to finally meet grandson-Finley who was born a few weeks after we left Virginia for Minnesota. We’ll get some good family time with Jeff’s son and daughter in law, along with grandson Finley and grand-daughter Emma. Then we’ll be in Daytona for Christmas and stay for the first part of January. During that time, Jeff will work on outfitting our mini-van to be a good home-on-wheels for the three of us. He’ll be installing a bed platform with storage underneath and fashioning a small kitchen space for the back of the van. 

Once we’re set, we’ll be heading out to explore! 

So we’re busy now planning the smooth sale of our things and move plus watching fun YouTube videos on how to outfit our van and reading up on Facebook groups about vanlife.

Here’s to new adventures!




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