Fixed Flop #2: Restyle! Giant turtleneck gets a trim.

Good morning sea turtles! Day two of Flop Fixin’ week involves a GIANT turtleneck, some scraps of sweater knit and a shirt with a new lease on life, although I’d like to point out this shirt is still being leased as the current owner is just... read more

{11.2} Holy pink tights, batman!

OK. So I saw these hot pink tights and got them in a fit over over excitement, but then couldn’t figure out what to wear them with! I finally settledd on all white. With grey. I actually had a belt the same color as my tights! dress | handmade, blogged here... read more

{11.1 | prison break}

Is it just me, or do i have a complete prison vibe in my stripey prison shirt? I bought two new pairs  of jeans this fall. Exactly the same, except one pair is the ‘tall’ variety so they ‘re nice and scrunchy by my ankles. These are skinnies from... read more

Road test… Liz and Me Tights

Hello there majestic bison. Queens of the prairie. Causers of Custer State Park traffic jams. It’s fall and you know what that means. Tights. The bane of early fall mornings. But necessary for those of us in chilly cities like Minneapolis. And for any of you out... read more

{10.17 | Pumpkin Polka Dots}

I don’t wear trousers very often, so today was a very special day. I’m sure you can see why I tend to skip the trousers!! trousers – Lane Bryant a few years old shirt – handmade, blogged here cardigan & shoes –... read more

{10.5 & 10.6 | winding down }

As anyone near Minneapolis knows, we’re having freakishly nice weather ’round here. I’m thrilled to have a few more days to wear dresses with no tights! Yay! {10.6} I can’t remember who I saw doing the cardigan wrap, but I like the look and how... read more

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