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Road test… Liz and Me Tights

Hello there majestic bison. Queens of the prairie. Causers of Custer State Park traffic jams. It’s fall and you know what that means. Tights. The bane of early fall mornings. But necessary for those of us in chilly cities like Minneapolis. And for any of you out... read more

On the difficulties of wearing boots when endowed with ‘curvy’ calves…

Good morning, you freakish fowls of non-nature, bred to have XL-sized legs, all the better for, um. Perhaps this is something you should discuss with your Gold’n Plump representative…. Let’s talk boots, shall we? The leaves are falling and the wind... read more

The shoe fairy loves me.

Greetings all you sub-par tinkerbells. Today I just have a short tale of a retail MIRACLE!! Unlike the rest of blogland, I’ve only been half paying attention to the Missoni for Target hub-bub. I knew it was coming, in fact, I had a vague idea that it was here,... read more

Bracelets. Loving them and getting them on my man-sized hands…

Good morning you orangutans with your freakishly giant hands. I have them too. They aren’t big enough to palm a basketball or anything, but they’re too big to fit into a lot of the bracelets available at my favorite retail establishments. Let’s... read more

100 outfits

OK, late-in-day post for all you sleeping hounds! I don’t have a lot for you, except a little more plotting for my fall wardrobe! As many of you  know, I often style each finished garment three different ways for the reveal posts. I do this partially for fun,... read more

Showdown at the Snug Bug Corral. Battle of the skirts.

Greetings tutu-wearing basset hounds! In what is possibly my most narcissistic post yet, today we’ll engage in a tournament style showdown between the 21 skirts (well, skirt-based outfits) worn during the month of May in order to determine the best style skirt for me.... read more

about patty

Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur living on the road with my husband and Peppermint the basset hound. Read the blog for tutorials, tricks and inspiration. Visit the online shop to check out our handcrafted soaps, candles, cool finds and more. Curious about our experiment in teeny-living? Then read more about #vanlife! Are you a business owner? I also work with indie retail and creative business owners to build beautiful social media platforms, websites and email marketing programs.



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