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[Finished Object] Red Velvet Sideboard

A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of my latest project… a bit of sneaky stenciling to brighten up a sideboard that I’ve got a little crush on! I finally finished the sideboard… painting, waxing and all (well…. Jeff finished off the... read more

Three Minute Furniture Restoration

We’re all about the quick and easy here at with Three Snugbugs… so with that in mind, check out our super-secret (shhhh….) tutorial on how to spiff up your garage sale finds! read more

Back to Basics…. Baking Bread

Jeff and I have been focused lately on finding places in our life where we can spend our money and time in ways that provide lots of enjoyment. You know, not like going to a party enjoyment… more like learning how to tie super good knots enjoyment.... read more

Three Tips for DIY Picture Framing

I’m a big fan of cheap, cool, vintage prints for my walls. But… with the vintage prints comes a whole host of issues. Framing issues. Of course, the first (and likely most successful) option is to lug my vintage find into the framing shop to get done up... read more

‘Custom’ framing… super inexpensive, y’all!

Morning assorted marmots! So, I think I’ve managed to established that not only do I tend to go for the least expensive way to do things, but I also have a MacGyver like addiction to figuring out how to get something accomplished on my own, usually with... read more

Grandma’s (secretary), meet Annie Sloan

Hey y’all. So. Last weekend, while SUPER FOCUSED on hanging the dratted drapes, I was overcome with a bout of redesign mania and decided nothing would do but I wrestle grandma’s secretary into shape while I was at it. You know how that goes, right? Fold... read more

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Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur.


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