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Revisiting the Parfait.

Back to sewing. I made my alterations to the Parfait and am still not satisfied… to refresh, here’s the fine photo of the bodice of muslin #1 all laid out with my changes marked – remove the gap from the underarm area and add some length to the bodice in order to drop... read more

The Colette Parfait, a muslin.

Hey! Remember this post? The one with the giant orange and pink striped turtleneck and a yet-to-be made dress to go over it by my recent pattern-designer-obsession? A few of you got it right – I’m making the Colette Parfait, a cute little dress with straps, buttons... read more

Patty’s long sleeved shirt factory.

In a burst of sewing focus, today’s projects included redrafting the ginormous Kwik Sew turtleneck pattern from yesterday, as well as cutting and sewing three more shirts. It was a good day. Here’s the the rundown of my three almost-finished shirts (all need hemming)... read more

Mini bloomers… take two.

Alrighty… earlier this week I groused about the early sunsets cramping my picture taking style and I may have mentioned something about low light, home-made movies… just wait ‘till after the jump… I made my second pair of bloomers – these ones are actually meant for... read more

Better late than never… a Mondo tribute outfit.

So folkses. I’ve actually had this sweater in my possession (unhemmed, of course) since a few days after the terrible event that I still can’t talk about without tearing up. Freaking amazon hipster stealing the win from Mondo, he of the kneesocks and tapdancing… It... read more

Beignet–the fit so far…

I had high hopes of a more complete post, but not only is my Beignet not ready for primetime, but this ridiculous daylight savings time is ruining my picture-taking mojo. Get ready for eight months of blog photos that resemble home-baked sex tapes. All blurry and bad... read more

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