{finished} Quickie Cozy Socks

It’s starting to get cold in northern Minnesota (or rather, was, this past weekend’s freakishly warm weather notwithstanding…) and the farmhouse can get a bit drafty. Especially since when we don’t have guests in the house we keep the heat... read more

{finished project} Thrummed Christmas Slippers

Happy Holidays Snugbugs! Jeff and I are coming down from some Christmas bliss, cozying up in the sofa and reading our haul of Christmas books. It was a very bookish holiday for us! It was also a very knitted Christmas, we gave hand-made gifts for the most part this... read more

Finished Object [Yarn Edition] Easter Egg Socks

Happy Easter bunnies!! I hope you all had successful egg hunts today! I’ve been a busy spring bee, but thought I’d drop in with my most recent finished project. Easter Egg socks!! Hip Hip HOORAY for finishing up UFO’s, amiright?? I remember having... read more

Finished Object [Yarn Edition] The Moss Socks

Hideeho you wallabies, you! I hope you are all having lovely Thursday mornings. Or afternoons. Or perhaps you’re reading this months from now, in the cold, pre-dawn light. Or on Christmas Eve with a plate of cookies waiting for Santa. ANYWAY! I’m back from... read more

Be still my thrumming heart. The making of the warmest mittens in the universe.

Morning orangutans with your frozen fingers! If you’re the Christmasey type, I hope you had a nice one full of snacks and presents and as little football and family crazytime as possible. Ours was lovely, although I’m not quite done yet, having  make-up... read more

Finally Finished! Miette cardigan

Good morning puffer fish. Or, as the more pretentious amongst you might insist, tetraodontidae. I admire how you make yourselves look like spiney basketballs. Also, your ability to kill people with your toxicity. And to move your eyeballs independently of each other.... read more

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Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur.


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