the snugbug mercantile

{history} The State of New York Fisheries, Game, and Forest Commission Wildlife Prints

If you’ve been in either of our locations (Staunton or Greenwood) you may have noticed some lovely chromolithographs of fish and birds. Here’s the story. From 1895 to 1909 The State of New York Fisheries, Game, and Forest Commission produced a yearly... read more

{how-to} Signmaking… from laptop to stencil to paintbrush.

We recently came across a haul of old door panels – absolutely perfect for making signs. We’ve got most of them sitting on our porch at home, waiting to get cleaned up a bit (so watch for them in the shop!) In the meantime, we needed a sign for our new... read more

New Digs! The Snugbug Mercantile now at Greenwood Antiques & Uniques

We’re so excited about this, guys! We’ve ‘expanded’ over the mountains! You might remember last Christmas, I posted about our fun trip to Greenwood Antiques & Uniques. If you haven’t been there yet, GO! Well, I mean… if you like... read more

{Recipe} Ginger-Lime-Coconut Deliciousness!

Recently, Jeff and I decided to dedicate 30 days to taking care of ourselves by taking a look at what we eat every day. While there’s a million different ‘plans’ out there, we were drawn towards a simple, whole-foods approach and have been hearing a... read more

{recipe} Coconut Coffee

As you may have read in our newsletter or elsewhere on our blog…Jeff and I are working together to cut grains, sugar, dairy and alcohol for 30 days (following the Whole30 approach.) One of the worst, drag-my-feet part of cutting dairy for a whole month had to do... read more

[Finished Object] Red Velvet Sideboard

A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of my latest project… a bit of sneaky stenciling to brighten up a sideboard that I’ve got a little crush on! I finally finished the sideboard… painting, waxing and all (well…. Jeff finished off the... read more

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Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur.


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