Since we live and work on the road, access to fast data is a necessary evil. We have Verizon and make do using our phones as hotspots to stay connected. Here’s our cheat-sheet of awesome places to stay that have at least two bars of Verizon LTE + a few of the below features to make the stay even better!

What we look for in a great site:

  • At least 2 bars of Verizon LTE — 3 is better!
  • Proximity to decent grocery shopping (i.e. a few varieties of plant-based yogurt) that isn’t too far away and won’t eat up our gas budget getting there and back.
  • Extra points for a close-by coffe shop, but not a deal killer.
  • Decent sun exposure for our briefcase solar.
  • Pretty surroundings — we spend most of our time outside the van, so we like it pretty (looking at you, giant barren RV lots!)
  • Privacy! Since we’re in a van, we live a lot of our life outside… a few bushes between us and our neighbors is welcome!
  • Not a deal-breaker, but nice restroom facilities are a plus.


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