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It’s a Wrap! Me Made May 2022

This was the first year I participated (almost) daily! I've gathered up my final thoughts after participating in this year's #memademay... I'm going to miss it! Click the image to watch the video, or if you enjoy a slightly garbled text version with no pictures,...
From Vanlife to Sticks’n’Bricks Re-entry

From Vanlife to Sticks’n’Bricks Re-entry

Hey there cats'n'kittens. Cats are on my mind a lot. Because we just got one last fall. He's still a bit of a kitten. He's cute.  And I have a point.  After a year and a half wandering the roads, Jeff and I settled down, got a quirky little studio (semi-furnished!)...

Top 8 Things Learned After Six Months Living on the Road with a Man and Basset in a Minivan.

Top 8 Things Learned After Six Months Living on the Road with a Man and Basset in a Minivan.

It’s September and Jeff and I are heading back east, having recently celebrated an important #vanlife milestone… August 22, 2018, was our six-month anniversary of heading out to live on the road in our converted Honda Odyssey mini-campervan (take a tour!).

Since we ventured out, we’ve definitely learned a few lessons. We’ve relaxed on a few non-negotiables  (see also: how much dust on one basset hound am I capable of overlooking?) And we’ve probably gotten more uptight on a few topics that used to be taken for granted (how much drinkable water and usable wet wipes are on hand come to mind). 

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project

These days, I have a super-awesome life that I really didn’t plan for, but love anyway. And yet… something feels off. I live full-time on the road — this morning I woke up at 10,000 feet to a mountain meadow filled with lupine and a fantastic view. I have work that’s...

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Hi. I’m Patty.

Patty standing in black and white maxi dress

Hi there! I’m Patty. I’m a writer, maker and creative entrepreneur.

My mission is to experiment and find fun, new, ways to live a beautiful, authentic life and to share what I’ve learned with others.

I do this by…

Playing with imagination and serving as my own test subject, then sharing my experience with like-minded men and women.

Working with transformational business leaders through Soul Design to get their heart-message out of their heads and into the world.

Staying grounded by practicing and developing homespun skills like sewing, cooking, and growing things.

Creating resources for spiritual-minded people to build beautiful lives and businesses.

Read the blog for tutorials, tricks and inspiration. Curious about our experiment in teeny-living? Then read more about #vanlife!

Are you a business owner? I also work with indie retail and creative business owners to build beautiful social media platforms, websites and email marketing programs.

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