Ever wish you had a partner in crime for your business?

Well look no further! I work with awesome small business owners (like you!) to make your business better. That means pretty websites, good words, savvy social media plans and systems that give you more time to do what you love.


Patty Brower Communications is part of The Snugbug Collective

Patty Brower Communications

Digital marketing consulting and implementation for indie retail and creative business owners.

3 Snugbugs Blog

DIY, tutorials, techie tips and life in general.

Northern Comfort B&B

Historic bed & breakfast located on a Finnish Heritage homestead in northern Minnesota. Visit the cozy antique shop in the 1930’s dairy barn, open five days a week.

Three Snugbugs Studios

Handcrafted soaps, candles, clothing, accessories, vintage and antiques.

Partner in crime?

I work with super-creative, super fun business owners to create beautiful lives and beautiful businesses.

We can start from scratch and get the basics in place – from a new website, to setting up a newsletter or social media program to creating an efficient client on-boarding system. And we can stick together to keep all those pieces moving over the long-haul.

My clients love talking about cool, new ideas and how things work. They’re creators, makers and coaches. From brick and mortar to online businesses, I love working with smart women who are out to change their communities and the world.

My primary focus in working with clients is to set up easy-to-use systems and platforms to support solid marketing strategies. As a small business owner and maker with a marketing background, I know what matters to indie retail and creative business owners. I want to set up what works for you, so you’re not tied to ongoing, monthly fees from high-priced web and consulting agencies. Leveraging your social media platforms and website is important to increase your sales and visibility without giving you a headache. I love helping business owners set that up! 


How I Can Help


Email Marketing

I can set up an email marketing program and help write your monthly letter to your customers. Email marketing and consistent newsletters is the best way to build a list of active, engaged people who look forward to hearing from you and will become repeat customers, online and in-store.


Social Media

We’ll find the right balance with social media and figure out where you should be spending your time to best support your business goals. Hate Twitter? That’s OK, I won’t make you use it!


Web Design

I create beautiful websites that are simple to maintain and update while being easy for your customers to navigate.



I’ll help you navigate the confusing world of eCommerce and decide the best platform and implement for your needs. I can advise on shipping, product imagery and integration with the rest of your online presence and POS system. 


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