Aguirre Spring Campground

Organ, New Mexico
Shopping: around 30 minutes to Las Cruces
Signal: 3 bars Verizon LTE
Cost: $7 per night
Services: Clean vault toilets, trash

We stopped off at Aguirre Spring on our way out west. If it hadn’t been so cold, we’d have definitely stayed longer! Pretty sites, reasonable privacy, good data, nearby groceries, and breathtaking views.  


Top 8 Things Learned After Six Months Living on the Road with a Man and Basset in a Minivan.

It’s September and Jeff and I are heading back east, having recently celebrated an important #vanlife milestone… August 22, 2018, was our six-month anniversary of heading out to live on the road in our converted Honda Odyssey mini-campervan (take a tour!).

Since we ventured out, we’ve definitely learned a few lessons. We’ve relaxed on a few non-negotiables  (see also: how much dust on one basset hound am I capable of overlooking?) And we’ve probably gotten more uptight on a few topics that used to be taken for granted (how much drinkable water and usable wet wipes are on hand come to mind). 

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