Mittry Lake | Yuma, AZ

Yuma, Arizona
Shopping: around 30 minutes to Yuma — Convenience store about 10 miles from campground
Signal: 3 bars Verizon LTE
Cost: Free
Services: Clean vault toilets, trash

This location was a welcome surprise! Park right by the lake for great views. Nice area — a little busy and dusty with the traffic, but not too loud. The loo’s are very clean and there’s trash collection (a dumpster) onsite, which is great!


From Vanlife to Sticks’n’Bricks Re-entry

From Vanlife to Sticks’n’Bricks Re-entry

Hey there cats'n'kittens. Cats are on my mind a lot. Because we just got one last fall. He's still a bit of a kitten. He's cute.  And I have a point.  After a year and a half wandering the roads, Jeff and I settled down, got a quirky little studio (semi-furnished!)...

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