Lost Dutchman State Park

Apache Junction, Arizona (near Phoenix)
Shopping: 4 miles to an awesome grocery, Fry’s
Signal: 1-2 bars Verizon LTE
Cost: $20 per night/no services | $30 per night/water and electricity
Services: Potable Water in campground, showers, flush toilets, full hookup sites, dish washing station, hiking, ranger-led hikes and lectures

Awesome campground right outside of Phoenix! The signal is so-so… a little draggy here and there, but totally worth it for such a great stay! Tons of trails, lovely views, close by groceries, water/ice at the ranger station, and tons of special programming and sessions like morning medicinal plants walk.


From Vanlife to Sticks’n’Bricks Re-entry

From Vanlife to Sticks’n’Bricks Re-entry

Hey there cats'n'kittens. Cats are on my mind a lot. Because we just got one last fall. He's still a bit of a kitten. He's cute.  And I have a point.  After a year and a half wandering the roads, Jeff and I settled down, got a quirky little studio (semi-furnished!)...

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