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Are you struggling with your wardrobe and wish you had someone to help you plot out some awesomeness? Schedule a style session with me and we’ll get a plan in place so you can build a wardrobe that helps you feel ‘more you’.

Hi. I’m Patty.

Love Your Clothes 

I spent years in corporate America, searching through the racks at mall department stores trying to find something I loved to wear to work. Usually, I didn’t. I might find a style I loved, but in a color I hated. Or vice versa. 

Often, I didn’t find anything at all. 

That meant I’d head to my office, looking OK, but feeling awkward and uncomfortable… like I was playing dress-up. But not in a good way. 

Eventually, I learned my way around a sewing machine, and over the past decade have learned to create a wardrobe I love and that I feel good in. Every day. 

If you’re interested in developing your own funky style that truly feels like ‘you’, I’d love to help you get rid of what isn’t working and find what does work. Your perfect style is out there. I promise.


The Sessions

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The ‘Be More You’ Style Sessions

This mix of offline and in-person work is geared to help you pull together a 16-piece capsule wardrobe built from what you have on hand, what we can find in the shops (online or real-world), and what can be made. Once you have your individual style plan in hand, you can build the basics + use the concepts we dig into to keep building a wardrobe that helps you feel the most like ‘you’ you’ve ever felt. The style sessions are a blend of pre-work, Zoom/in-person meetings (location-dependent), and chat support. This is appropriate for sewists as well as non-sewists.

Full Price is $349, Buy Now for $175!

The ‘Be More You + Color’ Style Sessions

Amp the Style Sessions up a level! Add an online color analysis to your order and make sure your wardrobe plan is made up of colors that best suit your complexion.

Full Price is $499, Buy Now for $325!

Custom Sessions

Looking for something more specific? I can help you clear out what you have (online or in person), hit the stores to help you find the perfect pieces, or work with you for custom designs. Let me know what you’re looking for and we’ll work it out!

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