Finally! A finished…. tote bag?

Finally! A finished…. tote bag?

Hey goldfish! I heard about this great blog with a girl who sews clothes and has a basset hound and, wait! What? That’s THIS blog? Not according to recent posting history… So, you’re off the hook for today re. the never-ending sewing nook posts....


A beautiful day! Blog reading in the morning, then work, then home. I’ve been yearning for some leather strappy cuffs and thought they’d be perfect with this outfit, so I raided my trim stash this morning, added some snaps to some leather strips and voila! tank: Old...

{sunday casual}

I think this is probably one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn recently. I like the toned down colors. I love the fully lined silk tweed full circle skirt. I love the comfy chartreuse flats and I especially love that I’m wearing part of the necklace I wore when...

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