Add a yoga style waistband to a woven skirt

Add a yoga style waistband to a woven skirt

Greetings giant soft-shelled turtles. I know you think you’re cool, spending most of your life buried in sand and all, but I think you’re sorta lazy. Also, you totally look like a member of one of the lounge bands in the Star Wars movies. Whatever. Grow a...

The March Dress… Vogue 1027

Evening kittens! I’m reeling from an overdose of Flickr and Pattern Review. I realized the other day that if I just finished one more skirt, I could enter the Mini-Wardrobe contest on pattern review. I managed it, but spent a lot of today taking pictures, cropping...

Inadvertent equestrian-wear… Vogue 1034

Evening fillies! Spurred on by the Me-Made-March need for regular, every day clothes as well as Tanit-Isis’ recent denim do’s and don’ts post I decided to jump in to jeans-making. Of course, with my love of making everything difficult, I ended up with a pair of...

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